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sales sulphur


chemical materials department

The Trading International Industrial Pooya TIIP.CO was established in 1994 with trading international in feild oil & gas & petrochemical.

The company has considered supplying and delivering of needed consumers. at shortest time with competitive price and supers quality.

The chemical materials department of TIIP.CO is ready to supply as follow.


sales sulphur


What is sulphur?
Sulphur is a non-metallic chemical element and is identified by the letter S. Sulphur is a valuable commodity and integral component of the world economy. It is used to manufacture numerous products including fertilizers, chemicals, paints, rubber products, medicines, fibers, sugar, detergents, plastics, paper and many other products. Sulphur also is a vital nutrient for crops, animals, and people.

Are there different forms of sulphur?
Not really. Sulphur is an element. Sulphur that is mined or recovered from oil and gas production is known as elemental sulphur, or brimstone. Sulphur can be combined with other elements to form various compounds. Sulphur compounds, such as sulphuric acid, also are produced as a by-product of ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting. Other compounds, such as sulphur dioxide, may be emitted from petroleum products used in cars and coal generating electricity. Plants absorb sulphur from the soil as sulphate.

What is sulphur used for?
Sulphur is the primary source in the production of sulphuric acid, the world's most widely used chemical. Sulphuric acid is an essential intermediate in many processes in the chemical and manufacturing industries. Sulphuric acid also is used by the fertilizer industry to manufacture primarily phosphates, nitrogen, potassium, and sulphate fertilizers. It is also used in manufacturing other products, including non-ferrous metals, pigments, fibers, hydrofluoric acid, carbon disulphide, pharmaceuticals, agricultural pesticides, personal care products, cosmetics, synthetic rubber vulcanization, water treatment, and steel pickling



we can supply kind of sulphur for expore fob and cif in the widworld as following




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