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Oil products department

The Trading International Industrial Pooya TIIP.CO was established in 1994 with trading international in feild oil & gas & petrochemical.

The company has considered supplying and delivering of needed consumers. at shortest time with competitive price and supers quality.

The Oil products department of TIIP.CO is ready to supply as follow.


we are a major supplier in kinds of paraffin we delivery this products in Iranian FOB and other place CIF in world wide.


paraffin wax and liquit price list(Jan 2018)

no name product unit packing delivery aera price $ new price
1 paraffin wax 0.5% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 1150-1200$ send L.O.I
2 paraffin wax 0.5-1% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 1100-1150$ send L.O.I
3 paraffin wax max 1% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 1080-1120$ send L.O.I
4 paraffin wax 1-2% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 955-1000$ send L.O.I
5 paraffin wax 1-3% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 950-990$ send L.O.I
6 paraffin wax 3-5% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 820-875$ send L.O.I
7 paraffin wax 3-5% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF   send L.O.I
8 paraffin wax 5-7% M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 725-760$ send L.O.I
9 paraffin wax 0.5% light M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 1250-1300$ send L.O.I
10 paraffin wax max 1% light M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 1200-1250$ send L.O.I
10 paraffin wax max 1-2% light M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 1055-1100$ send L.O.I
10 paraffin wax max 1-3% light M/T 25-30kg EXW,FOB,CIF 950-990$ send L.O.I

min order for all products is about 50 m/t

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Price paraffin

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Sales  paraffin

How is  paraffin   produced

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TIIP.CO major supplier for paraffin the world wide

Situation trading  paraffin in the globle




product purchasing procedure fromTiip.Co .
1-Sending letter of intent(LOI)by buyer
2-Quary of customer BCL by the seller
3-Providing SCO by the buyer and send specification
. 4-Verifying SCO by The buyer and specification
. 5-Contract between the sellerand buyer.
6-opening L/C or submit B/G by buyer to seller
7- Fulfilment of purchasing steps and delivery product to customer by TIIP.CO
8-Delivery cargod2 and selling D/O between seller and buye
9-Cargo clearance and bureaucratic measures  for financial process to pay contract price

If you wish to know more, please call me at 02188289093 or 09333105101

  . We are  only interested in serious, valid, financially capable buyers that can provide an LOI or ICPO,so we seek inquiries from end buyers, mandates or agents
for any quantity, please contact us directly
e-mail :


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