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ICIS polypropylen price

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ICIS Polymer price TIIP.CO

Trading international Pooya Industrial

Oil products department

The Trading International Industrial Pooya TIIP.CO was established in 1994 with trading international in feild oil & gas & petrochemical.

The company has considered supplying and delivering of needed consumers. at shortest time with competitive price and supers quality.

The Oil products department of TIIP.CO is ready to supply as follow.

polypropylen price

ICIS Polymer price (10 Nov)


middle east asia and turkey

spot price


PP homopolymer raffia UINT Price range
CFR turkey(middle east and indian) USD/tonne 1010-1030
CFR turkey(Iranian origin) USD/tonne 1030-1060
PP homopolymer fiber    
CFR turkey(middle east and indian) USD/tonne 1030-1060
CFR turkey(Iranian origin) USD/tonne 1040-1060
PP homopolymer injection    
CFR turkey(middle east an indian) USD/tonne 1010-1060



  . We are  only interested in serious, valid, financially capable buyers that can provide an LOI or ICPO,so we seek inquiries from end buyers, mandates or agents
for any quantity, please contact us directly
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